You achieve by being, not by doing ~ Guest Post by Tom LaRotonda

To be, or not to be, that is the question. How many times have we heard this famous Shakespearean quote since we’ve were children? Well, I have finally answered this question in my life. As long as I have a breath left inside me…I will choose to be. Why am I so clear about this? For one simple reason. When I focus on who I am being in world versus what I’m doing, my peace, joy, and inner power increase dramatically. When those things increase so does my success rate in life. It has been so dramatic that I’m convinced it is a direct cause and effect relationship. The more authentically I “show up” in the world through “who” I am being; my achievements, both internally and externally, rise exponentially. And here is the irony of this life strategy. The success quite often comes through much less effort, stress, and anxiety.

Have you ever been in the presence of a person who seems to have it all together…they are dressed for the part, they have all the credentials, their timing is perfect and they say all the right things; yet inside when it comes time to jump in the foxhole with this individual your intuition screams out to you a big fat “No!” Assuming that you are being very open hearted and do not have some inner judgment arising from your past, it is my contention that your intuition is on alert because something inside that person is not alignment with who they are presenting themselves to be. There is an inauthentic vibration silently emanating from them that is telling you to not buy into what your eyes see and you ears hear. How do I know this? For I was that person trying to “sell” you for most of my life. That is until it stopped working. And I assure you, it will always stop working eventually.

We have been taught our entire life that we find success and fulfillment by the things we do in the world. But let me ask you a question? When you think back to your most precious moments in life involving another human being, do you remember more what they did…or who they were being? When that man proposed marriage to you is it the material ring that you remember…or the love you felt from them in the moment? When a child gives you a homemade gift for your birthday do you remember the gift itself…or the big smile they gave to you from their pride of creating the gift?

The most powerful way to show up in life if to “be true” to Who you really are. The moment you copy or imitate another, your authenticity goes out the door. You came into this world magnificently unique and with gifts and passions that no one else, who has ever lived or will live, can possess. Your edge is in your ability to fully express your uniqueness; not copy or imitate another. You are a masterpiece. You are one of a kind. You are perfect in your uniqueness and there are thousands in the world who are  powerfully attracted to the gifts and energy you have to offer. They are out there waiting for you. All you have to be is You!   

My inspiration to you, this day, is instead of creating that “to do” list; that you create a “to be list”. Choose who you will be no matter what the day brings to you. Be fearless, loving, forgiving and serving… whatever is true and powerful for you. Do this consistently and watch what happens to your life. Thank you Mr. Shakespeare!

Authentically ~ Tom LaRotonda
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