Whole Foods Gets It

When I encounter a business that demonstrates delivery of their goods or services in an elegant manner I like to acknowledge that they “get” it. Recently, Whole Foods did this.

As many of you know, merchants are pushing more and more of their coupons on line. There are a number of benefits to this.

  • Cost – The cost of an email vs. ground mail are incredibly efficient.
  • Targeting – Thanks to data analytic s many marketers can target advertisements and coupons based on interests you have shown online.
  • Location- Mobile marketing is getting to the point where a marketer can deliver to you a coupon based on the store or the location within the store.
  • It’s “Green” it is good for the environment as people will only need to print coupons they need to use.
  • Finally, this is where many of us have our attention. We read our texts and email and throw “junk mail” away without looking.

Many of the companies that send my wife coupons, which she then asks me to print, have a tiny coupon on a page that renders with a headers and footers on several pages; versus just on one page with a coupon. This burns two or three pages of paper. It is wasteful and it irritates me.

Imagine my delight when Whole Foods sent an electronic flyer with 20 – 25 items on it. And here is the elegant part, I could choose the coupons to add to my “printed” sheets and only those coupons printed. I selected three if I recall and they all printed on one page.

Through some additional thought they were able to deliver coupons that delighted me because:

  • It was easy for me to identify and select those that I wanted
  • It was greener
  •  It was cost effective in that it conserves ink and paper for me.


Well done

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