Who is Managing the Business of America: The Market, or the Business Leader

It is with ironic interest that I see the media hyperbole regarding the market and investors. It seems investors are our bell weather for the state of the economy. If the market is up everyone is happy. If the market is down we all get nervous.  Yet I ask myself why?

Today’s Wall Street Journal whines that investors are worried. Well pardon me, so is the business leader. They want to build a business. They have customers and ideas. They can’t get financing because the investors are worried.

And yet in spite of the weak kneed investors there are leaders that are stepping out every day to start a business, to risk what little they have to open another location, and to build the economy the old fashioned way, by earning it.

My advice to the American Business Leader… keep moving forward, have faith in yourself and ignore the whiney investors.

Take Good Care

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