Who Are You Inspiring to Be Great?

My Wife clues me into some excellent sources of inspiration. Tonight she had me watch Oprah’s interview with Pharell Williams. For those of you that don’t think you know him you have probably danced to his song Happy.

At one point his music company was a part of 40 percent of the music on the radio between his writing and producing. The year 2013 was his year. Number one songs on the charts, Grammy awards and the viral smash Happy.

What struck me was how humble he is. How he reiterated over and over again how he had teachers and mentors and clients that he worked with that encouraged him and inspired him. He named many of them by name.

At this point I have tears welling inside of me as I think of Irene Bania, Bud Gordon, Diane Blasius and Tim Donahue (College Instructors) and so many since then, that believed in and inspired me.

And that my friends leads me to this question for you…Who on your team has a glimmer of talent a spark of enthusiasm or attitude/ethic that you can inspire? You have that power. You can help build dreams or squash dreams. The world needs great people go forth and inspire the next generation of leaders, sales people, office managers, artists, teachers…you get the idea.

And if you haven’t done so yet listen to this song today it will bring a smile to your face.

Be Well,

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