What the…?

The questions we ask determine the answers we get. We have all heard this or something like this. And it’s true. But it’s also true for our statements. The way we make the statement will determine the outcome we get from the statement.

In other words how we communicate determines the impact we have and the response we receive from the world. Let me give you some examples:

Boss: Give me more sales now
Boss: How can we get to $2.0 million this quarter?

Which response is likely to get you a productive outcome? Will the first one inspire your team to pull out all the stops? Or, will it get them to do enough so they can cover their ass if it doesn’t work out?

Boss: Why do you always do that?
Boss: Tell me how you came to this decision.

Which one is likely to get a more open and honest response? Will the first one allow me to be safe and tell you the truth? Will the second lead to a better understanding for both of us?

We can inspire or discourage our team by the way we communicate. What do you want for your team?

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