What is the value of an Aplogy? Apparently $57.0 million

In an article from Hospital Impact we learn that the University of Michigan has reduced Malpractice Costs by $57.0 million be being transparent and open about mistakes AND apologizing where appropriate.

This is not a new concept.  I wrote about this in a post from October 2009 . What is encouraging to me is that the idea seems to be catching on. In spite of the Scandal and Greed that makes the headlines, business people and leaders are every day making decisions that may seem “soft” like whether or not to apologize for a mistake. And as you can see there is a monetary value to this kind of decision making.

See the article here

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  1. I think there is tremendous value in a SINCERE apology. But when someone decides that an apology is a good way to deflect criticism and avoid accountability then it becomes shallow and void.

    I like the mindset presented in the study that they “owned” the problems and were “responsible” for what was happening. To me, that mindset is much more responsible for the change in attitude than simply saying “I’m sorry”.

    This is a great message John…. thanks for passing it on.


  2. I agree with you. I see alot of folks that say I am sorry and then repeat their behavior. I think the key that you hit upon ins Sincere and Intent.

    Thanks for reading

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