What a Difference our thoughts make

Successful Leaders are able to communicate a compelling vision for the future; even during what may be the darkest hours. Think of Churchill and Dunkirk, Lincoln and Gettysburg, Think Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights unrest. In each instance things looked bleak but the leader was able to craft and communicate a vision that captured the minds of their nation.

This can play out in our lives as well. Earl Nightingale used to speak of the “Greatest Secret”, He reveals that the secret is that we become what we think about most. How often does this play out in our business lives? Is it playing out in our national community now?

Here is what I have observed in myself. Cold calling is one of those selling skills that everyone (almost) loves to hate. Weekly I see someone posting an article online about how cold calling is dead long live cold calling. This is where you are going to experience concentrated rejection. It can be painful. Look at all the emotions I stacked around that! When I begin to cold call and I have these feelings, care to guess how my day goes?

Yet, when I realize Cold Calling as a way to make new connections; a way to discover another buyer that can truly benefit from my services and I just go into it with the attitude of success, I have had days where I will get five more appointments.

In our national psyche we are playing out the whole “woe is me” attitude around our economy. I don’t really care what your politics are, but President Obama is missing an opportunity to create a different future, by speaking confidently about the new future and creating a vision that we can all get behind.

What future do you want to create for your organization?

What is the future you are speaking of?

Stay tuned for ways to change our own state so we can create the future we want.

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  1. Good point, John. And so much of our efforts are focused on fixing what is wrong versus envisioning a future and then building plans to get there. In fact, we look up to those who can identify a problem and fix it, but often times look at visionaries as “kooks”.

    Not to focus on politics, but I do think back to the Ronald Regan commercials and “it’s morning in America” as being a great example of an uplifting message that can inspire people with a vision of something better.

    As for cold calling…. wow…. I’m willing to pay you to do that for me!

    Regards….. Dave

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