Welcome to “The Immeasurable Things that Make a Measurable Difference”

Hi All

Welcome to my new site. I am excited by the new look, flexibility and reach. My goal in the switch is to provide you, my friends, with a cleaner easier to read format.

The goal of the blog is to continue to explore those immeasurable things that make a measurable difference; those things that differentiate between striving and thriving. Individuals and business leaders are increasingly aware of the things, (let’s call them behaviors or traits) that are hard to measure but that make a difference. Things like: Loyalty, Employee Development, Compassion, Language, Intentions, Trust, and a whole host of other behaviors that lead teams and individuals to perform better.

I wrote about this recently and it really strikes me. In reports by managers and their direct reports, the worst skill most managers have, is developing people. This seems so counter intuitive. I mean how can you lead if you can’t develop the people?

And then counterbalance the statement above that managers and leaders are renewed – that is they are rejuvenated, stress levels decrease and they become more effective when they can coach with compassion (develop talent).

Join me (and invite your friends) as we explore ways to help individuals, leaders and organizations become more effective; through the embrace of the immeasurable things that make a measurable difference.


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