They Get It:Selling While Servicing

My wife was on the phone today with Capital One regarding a disputed charge. While on the phone with (Lets call her) Jenny, my wife learned that Capital One is the only credit card that does not add a surcharge when traveling out of the country and that because there are no  blackouts or time restrictions there are card members that have over 2,000,000 miles.

Let’s look a little closer. Jenny was helping my wife with the dispute. She also passed along two value added pieces of information clearly differentiating Capital One from the other firms.
First, it was that they do not add a surcharge when you are traveling out of the country. (That could add up). Second, that there are no blackouts or time restrictions on mile usage or accumulation.

This was subtle but very effective.  Where are you reinforcing the value you add to your customer relationships? What could you be doing?

Take Good Care

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