They Get It

An example of how one company leverages the Immeasurable Things That make a Measurable Difference.

My mother is no longer able to walk very far unassisted. Yet one of her great joys is shopping. I learned today that she can walk into Nordstrom, they will have her sit down and then the sales professionals will bring her items to look at and or to try on. Now Nordstrom is famous for their customer service policy and they way they service their clientele.

Now that Mom has reduced mobility, where do you think she is spending her money, where they take care of her as a customer.

Is it efficient to have sales people going back and forth to the racks in disparate parts of the store or department? NO! However, it is effective.  When people feel cared for and they feel like your organization is willing to go out of its way to provide service (even if you don’t buy every time you visit) you will gain over the long term.

Nordstrom’s clearly gets the immeasurable things that make a measurable difference.

Keep up the good work Nordstrom’s

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