They Get it; Rosey’s Apparel at Park Meadows

A few years ago I read a book called, The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton. It is a Parable about investing and becoming wealthy. In it he introduced me to the word Lagniappe. This is a value add concept like the Bakers Dozen. A little bit of Extra Value. I can remember when I used to buy donuts when visiting customers, some shops would always throw in an extra one for me. A nice touch.

My wife likes to visit Park Meadows shopping center with her girlfriends when they get together. And when ever they stop into Rosey’s Apparel and make a purchase she gets something else. A pair of earrings, a little tote, some lip gel, something.

The result of this is Rosey’s has developed a place in my Wife’s mind. If they go to the Mall and they are in that section she visits Rosey’s whether she needs to or not. And as a merchant getting you in the door is more than half the battle.

Rosey’s Apparel has recognized that by giving a little away, they can gain a lot in return. They get it.

What are you doing to add value that is unexpected for your customers?
What can you do?

Take Good Care,

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