They Get It – Office Depot

Every once and awhile, I encounter a business where I get customer service that stands out. This happened yesterday at Office Depot on Colorado Boulevard and Evans. I went in for a keyboard for my iPad. When I got back the box had been opened and it was missing a cable and operating manual.

They took it back no charge and before I left the store we checked the  box to ensure it was all there.

Warning I display lack of expertise ahead. After having the keyboard in the charger for several hours I attempt to use it. I  hit the power switch and get a red light (No power). I switch adapters and wait. I try again and get the  red light.

So put it all back together and go back to the store. I share my story with Jon. We pull the keyboard out, connect it to the pad and he presses (not hits) the power key for a count of 1…2. Green light the  power is on. I am thrilled.

He then asks, “Are you completely satisfied?” “Yes” I reply. He then gets my receipt, extends the return policy and says, “I want you to be completely satisfied, if for any reason this does not work out for you please bring it back.”

He could have made me feel inept (I didn’t even get the power switch right). He could have made sure it was OK today and moved on. Instead he made me feel like a valued customer. Guess what my office supply store has become

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