The Tipping Point – The Idea not the book

Recently I have noticed a trend in many of my conversations. The people I am speaking with are talking about a different way of doing business. What encourages me is that these conversations are about more than the bottom line. They are about doing business from a conscious place.

Yesterday after my workout I went for my sauna. That is my reward for working out. I was speaking with a minister who was speaking with another gentleman who was excited about his new opportunities selling. And they were talking about the influence of Fred Kofman’s book Conscious Business. Some of the values presented in the book are how we don’t want to compromise human values for material success. How we can speak with honesty and respect and that we honor our commitments with impeccability.

Another business colleague (fast becoming a friend) provides every new member of his organization with a book called the Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann. It drives the philosophy of his organization and the way they conduct business.

Finally I am delivering training and coaching to an international multi-billion dollar organization that follows a sales methodology based on the book, Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play by Mahan Khalsa and Randy Illig. This selling system focuses on the success of your clients. It leverages open, real and honest (sometimes very direct) conversations to discover real opportunities for real success for everyone concerned.

I am encouraged by this trend because it demonstrates to me that we are coming to a tipping point where more and more people will be conscious about the way they conduct business. We will consider all the stakeholders and we will keep human values above material acquisition. AND in doing so I am convinced that the distribution of wealth will begin to shift as people realize that by consciously choosing to do business with companies that reflect their human values (essentially voting with their dollars) we will reach the tipping point.


  1. I agree that this is an encouraging trend and with more books being written about the concept that will hopefully translate into more individuals and companies following the lead. I do believe that there are some industries or sales positions that will always be the “high pressure, trick you into buying, I need to make my quota and you have a target on your chest” type. But hopefully that will be a minority in the future.

    • Dave,

      You are correct and it is on us to help those organizations and individuals connect with the higher value that they really all want to work at.

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