The Intangible Elements of Trust

Jorge Lazaro Diaz says it better than I can in his post on on Selling the Invisible on He reviews the book Selling the Invisible by Harry Backwith. Who points out that when buyers buy complex solutions they don’t understand, it is often the intangible things that sway the decision.

For example I work in a world where money is the end product. How much can my firm recover. So my operations management team is often all about the numbers. And yet when buyers can’t see the magic sauce they are looking at other elements:

 – How well do we listen
– Did we take notes in the sales call
– Propriety
– Are we on time (for meetings and in follow up)

I think you get the point. Go read Jorge’s post it states the situation well.

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  1. I’m a big fan of Harry Beckwith and Sellling the Invisible. But it’s not just technical products, it’s anything where the client can see the product, hear it, or touch it (hence the term “invisible”. With invisible products or services the customer relies on the sales person for help in making the decision. And it all comes down to how well the sales person builds trust with the customer.

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