The Blue Bonnet Cafe They Get It

The Blue Bonnet Cafe has been a Denver Icon since I’ve lived here. It serves inexpensive spicy Mexican food. It is not unusual to see the Governor having lunch there alongside business people and Bikers.

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed is that at every meal the owners walk by and ask me if everything is OK… It’s not a big thing but it demonstrates they care. How often do you ask your customers how everything is going? Might that be a good idea?

So anyway, Sunday my wife and I stop by after the zoo. Nancy is gluten free so they offer a gluten free menu. She orders and its good. And then… The owner walks by for his normal, “how is everything”, chat. But he stops with Nancy and wants to specifically know if the gluten free meal meets expectations.  How special do you think Nancy felt?

We figured out how he knew that hers was gluten free. It was the color of her plate. By the color of her plate the cook knew which dish to put the meal on, the server knew where to serve it and the owner and all of the other staff knew it was a gluten free plate. It was subtle but it also helps protect the customer who has food sensitivities.

What can you do in your process to identify key customer attributes that you can call out?

If you are in Denver and you like Mexican food, you have to visit Blue Bonnet… They get it.

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