The Attitude of Value

I have been reading recently Bob Burgs new book, Go-Givers Sell More. In it he points out that our job in business is to create value. (I like this guy already). It is through value creation that people will willingly pay us. The more value we create the better we are paid. Pretty simple equation isn’t it.

Here is where it gets interesting. He demonstrates the value of an attitude with the experience of staying at a Ritz Carlton Hotel. We all know this is one of the more expensive chains in the world. And yet people cheerfully pay two or even three times the price of a Marriott room; why? In part because of the attitude,

When you check in they are formal and professional. When you ask for something as Burg and others have noted, they reply, “My pleasure.” When was the last time you had a service person tell you it was a pleasure to serve you?

How much did that attitude cost? How much value did it deliver? Why is the Ritz so consistently good?

Answer these questions for your business and I’ll wager you deliver more value and hence…

Take Good Care

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