The most important Conversation: the one you have with yourself

When I was young I ran with the wrong crowd. A job transfer for my dad allowed me to narrowly miss being sent to a military academy for behavior issues. Throughout High School I struggled trying to get excited and stay out of trouble. But it was in college where…

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Passing the Buck

I am talking to a consultant who was hired to help an organization convert their Customer Relation Management system (CRM). Everything went well. About 90 days after the conversion they called him
back and asked him to work with one of their employees who was just having a hard time with the system.

They said, “Steve is a valuable employee. He has been with us for more than twenty years. We really want him to get on board”.

The consultant sat with Steve for two weeks. When …

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Leadership is often Counterintuitive

I was recently reading in Health Leaders Magazine about Kadlec Medical Center, a community hospital in the Northwest. What struck me about the story was the counterintuitive approach the CEO took in
turning the hospital around. As the story went, in the 1990’s the hospital experienced significant financial challenges. Initially, they struggled and reacted in the usual ways by cutting expenses
and staff.

Eventually, they found they could no longer staff the number of beds that they were licensed to fill. …

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Esprit de Corps and Culture

I am reading the book, War Fighting, published by the United States Marine Corp, in 1989. I was struck by the following phrase, “Leaders should develop unit
cohesion and esprit and the self-confidence of individuals within the unit. In this environment, a Marine’s unwillingness to violate the respect and trust of peers can overcome personal

This speaks to the value of Culture in an organization. When there is a strong culture, …

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