Five Signs You Might Be a Bad Boss

You can’t control your emotions As a leader, your emotional tone sets the tone for your team. If you are frustrated, your team is in all likelihood going to experience frustrations. I am sure you have heard, “emotions are contagious.” Today there is increasing evidence that they are.  Realizing that…

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Are you threatening the lives of your team: Why disrespect is seen as a threat to life.

I recently reconnected with an old friend and colleague who I worked with early in my career. Jack Hoban is an author, a combat instructor
and a corporate transformation executive. His new book The Warrior Ethic presents an interesting premise:

When you disrespect someone, (in their mind back in the reptilian brain) you are threatening their life. Is it any wonder that practice isn’t working so well?

In an environment where over half of us are not engaged in our jobs and …

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