Get out of the way

While lunch with a friend recently, she was telling me that she felt she could not be authentic in some negotiations because the other party was “bound” by the rules and the parameters set by their organization. I am not so sure that is true. I know it should not be true.…

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The Craft

I came across an article today that I have been carrying around for a couple months. It is a review of two books on selling. The article is Titled, Selling Ice To Eskimos; April 17, 2012, The

The writer points out (correctly) that, the profession of sales is changing. The old days of visiting with the sales executive for industry news and product information have been replaced. The
Internet is now a major conduit of information. I can learn about features and benefits online (if the firm has decided to tell me …

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Can you sell from your cell?

The other day I called a software company to discuss an upgrade to their service offering that I purchase. They passed me though two lead “qualifiers (b”ad move guys) and then told me “a sales
person will call you back”.

Brooke called me back from her mobile phone in an area that had a poor signal. Literally every other sentence was dropped. I finally told her to call me from a land-line. What did she do? She moved
to a new location …

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