Every Communication is an Opportunity and a Risk

Communication is one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of a business leader (or any leader for that matter). It’s how we influence, it’s how we connect, its how we serve. As technology advances and as consumer preferences change we are also changing how we communicate. Studies are…

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Do Be Do Be Do …Redoux

I have been having a running dialog with colleagues for several years no on the idea of “being” vs. the idea of “doing”.

I have heard things like:

–    “It’s not what you do that defines you.”
–    “We are not our work.”
–    “Be the success you want and it will happen”

I see a bit of truth in all of these statements, BUT I don’t think it is complete. I call it the do be do be do paradox. …

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Are you settling for less?

I was reading an Article recently by Rev. Chris Michaels. In it he says, “Sometimes the greatest temptation in life is to settle for less than we really want.” How often does this
happen in the business world? We’ve all heard things like:

–    “You know it is better to go along and get along.”
–    “Not everyone wants the same things you want.”
–    “You have higher standards than everybody else.”

Does that mean we settle? I remember several years ago at a company …

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