The Blue Bonnet Cafe They Get It

The Blue Bonnet Cafe has been a Denver Icon since I’ve lived here. It serves inexpensive spicy Mexican food. It is not unusual to see the Governor having lunch there alongside business people and

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed is that at every meal the owners walk by and ask me if everything is OK… It’s not a big thing but it demonstrates they care. How often do you ask your
customers how everything is going? Might that be a good idea?

So anyway, …

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What Do You Know?

We are trained to eliminate the phrase. “I don’t know from a very early age.” In school when they called on you, you needed to know the answer. When you are
working through your career, the boss doesn’t like hearing I don’t know. And yet, when we eliminate that phrase from our vocabulary and hence our thinking we can no longer know. It is a bit of
a paradox.

Think about this, If …

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