Who Needs a Leader?

I was reading my most recent issue of Bloomberg Business Week, last week. And I read an article on the protests against the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The photo had a protester with a banner that
read,  “A Strong Society Needs No Leader. ” This stood out for me because I have
been reading and speaking lately on the value of culture in our organizations. Specifically how if we spend the time to develop a strong culture, it can almost run itself.

I say almost because I have watched …

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Headcount or Employee Loyalty what has more value

I was having a conversation with a colleague the other day. He was telling me about how they had switched suppliers of outsourced customer service. And then he
shared the frustration.

With his old supplier, when he received a customer complaint they would play a recording of the call. In some cases the call would be fine. In others my friend would suggest that the rep get some
re-training. When completed they supplier would call to say the rep is coming back …

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