Compassionate Coaching

I recently came across some research that shows that developing people is a skill that many
leaders lack. Lominger a Leadership Think Tank has identified 67 competencies that make for effective leaders. Both managers, and their direct reports, rank the leaders skill at developing people
as the least developed skill.
Did I read that right? Leaders, (who are most effective when they can deploy talented, motivated individuals), do not have the skills to develop that talent that they need for success?

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Bitterness and Hyperbole…Really:

Recently I opened Facebook and caught a comment by an author whose book had uplifted me and he was joined on the comment thread by another inspiring author. Both of these gentlemen are nationally
known speakers and writers on leadership. They speak to the need for authenticity and genuineness in business, and how our intentions matter and how we should look to inspire others with our actions.

And then I read further. They were both complaining about how a specific politician was full of hyperbole and bitterness and how no politician had ever …

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It Depends

I used to joke with one of my colleagues that I should care a box of Depends™ Diapers with us on calls because this was her favorite phrase. And then someone asked me in a different context; “Why
should it depend. Why should the service your customer receives depend on who is at the register or who is on duty this day”?

This is a good question. I know what Linda would say. How about you?

Linda would say, “There are so many variables in the service we deliver.” …

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I recently listened to Fresh Air with Terry Gross on NPR and her guest Geoff Nunberg spoke about compromise. And a phrase he turned caught my ear. He quoted Avishai Margalit a Philosopher and Author who said, “Ideals may tell us something important about what we would like
to be. But compromises tell us who we are.

In these times of brinksmanship in the Washington, and often in business, I am struck by how we say a whole lot about …

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