Whole Foods Gets It

When I encounter a business that demonstrates delivery of their goods or services in an elegant manner I like to acknowledge that they “get” it. Recently, Whole Foods did this. As many of you know, merchants are pushing more and more of their coupons on line. There are a number…

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They Get It – Office Depot

Every once and awhile, I encounter a business where I get customer service that stands out. This happened yesterday at Office Depot on Colorado Boulevard and Evans.
I went in for a keyboard for my iPad. When I got back the box had been opened and it was missing a cable and operating manual.

They took it back no charge and before I left the store we checked the  box to ensure it was all there.

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The Blue Bonnet Cafe They Get It

The Blue Bonnet Cafe has been a Denver Icon since I’ve lived here. It serves inexpensive spicy Mexican food. It is not unusual to see the Governor having lunch there alongside business people and

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed is that at every meal the owners walk by and ask me if everything is OK… It’s not a big thing but it demonstrates they care. How often do you ask your
customers how everything is going? Might that be a good idea?

So anyway, …

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