Whats the cost of not listening” Trillion$

I had the opportunity to listen to a TED presentation titled “Want to Help Someone: Shut Up and Listen”, by Ernesto Sirolli. He was speaking about the challenges he had when he first started
working in developing countries distributing aid and “helping” people develop crops and businesses. He could not understand why; for example, the natives would not plant gardens. His team would
demonstrate and the crops would …

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It is all in the details

When making a sales call or presentation, how do you respond when people ask you, how you do what you do, or how you help others”? Do you say something

We outperform the industry average, OR we average a 16.94% recovery rate and that out performs the industry    average as reported by
the ACA by almost 70%.

Which response leaves you wanting to know more?

I am …

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