Leverage Your Voice for More Success

Mane Listening to another

  Do you want to sell more? Do you want to land the job? Do you want your team to perform better? Then pay attention to your voice. As we move further into the digital age, many people rely more and more on the efficiency of asynchronous communication (email, text,…

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Communication the Number One Soft Skill with Hard Results

LinkedIn recently released a report on the top ten job skills employers wanted in new hires. Communication was number One! I could have told you that. Unless you are a hermit or you are truly working alone, your ability to communicate is crucial to your success. Everything you do involves…

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Four Things that Hold Emerging Leaders Back

The very thing that gets high performers promoted into leadership can be the limiter in their behavior as a leader. The drive to achieve, to be a pace setter, is what gets producers noticed and considered for promotion. But a constant drive for achievement without the human connection can damage team performance.

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