Bitterness and Hyperbole…Really:

Recently I opened Facebook and caught a comment by an author whose book had uplifted me and he was joined on the comment thread by another inspiring author. Both of these gentlemen are nationally
known speakers and writers on leadership. They speak to the need for authenticity and genuineness in business, and how our intentions matter and how we should look to inspire others with our actions.

And then I read further. They were both complaining about how a specific politician was full of hyperbole and bitterness and how no politician had ever …

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Are Your Filters Too Tight?

Recently I had the opportunity to listen to a recording of Eli Pariser speaking at TED, l  regarding what he calls Filter Bubbles. This refers to the filters we establish and or that are established for us to filter information.

Many of the readers of this and other blogs use RSS Feeds as a way to create lists of what we feel is relevant content so that we don’t have to listen to or read all the other “stuff” that is
published. I know I was …

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