Are You Motivated or Disciplined: Which Will Deliver Results?

I was thinking about this recently and realized there is a distinction between Motivation and Discipline. Merriam Webster defines motivation as the condition of being motivated (a desire to act). They define Discipline as a rule or system of rules governing conduct or activity. I have observed in myself the…

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Be Quiet! How to harness your inner conversation.

We often spend time and money learning how to communicate with each other. How often do we stop to consider how we communicate with ourselves? Take a moment…Close your eyes and listen. What do you hear? Do you hear what you are “thinking” about? Meditation seems hard because we think…

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The most important Conversation: the one you have with yourself

When I was young I ran with the wrong crowd. A job transfer for my dad allowed me to narrowly miss being sent to a military academy for behavior issues. Throughout High School I struggled trying to get excited and stay out of trouble. But it was in college where…

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Which Carries More Meaning: Words – Tone – Visual

7 – 38 – 55 Since Albert Mehrabian’ s research in 1967 this ratio has been the go to for speakers, trainers and others to reinforce how important aspects other than words are, in communication. Mehrabian’ s research has been interpreted to demonstrate that only 7% of a message is…

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The Chicken and the Pig at Breakfast a Story of Commitment

If you are like me at some point in your life – perhaps several; you’ve heard a boss or a coach give the commitment speech. You know the one where they say, “Are you committed? Are you really?” (Imagine loud voice, passion and excitement in the voice here) “Let’s look…

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Freedom to Choose

I was reading the in the Science of Mind magazine the other day and the author, Leta Williams, made the following statement.

“A key to successful relationships is applying this concept” Nobody wants anyone else messing with his or her choices.”

This struck me. Recently I have been following several conversations about employee engagement on line. BNET recently reported that 75% of employees leaving your firm are disgruntled.

I believe …

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