Keep your friends close…

I have been exploring and really enjoying Social Media for some time now. I have reconnected with old friends and made new ones through the most unlikely of channels (Twitter). And yet as this
political season ramps up and the lingo gets hotter I see friends calling friends idiots, scumbags and liars. (Are you really my friend?)

I recently sat through a webinar by Claire Riley of Boulder Community Hospital. It was about communication and specifically it was about conflict resolution. Specifically she spoke about the
difference between Acknowledgement and Agreement. There is …

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Do Be Do Be Do …Redoux

I have been having a running dialog with colleagues for several years no on the idea of “being” vs. the idea of “doing”.

I have heard things like:

–    “It’s not what you do that defines you.”
–    “We are not our work.”
–    “Be the success you want and it will happen”

I see a bit of truth in all of these statements, BUT I don’t think it is complete. I call it the do be do be do paradox. …

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