Leverage Your Voice for More Success

Mane Listening to another

  Do you want to sell more? Do you want to land the job? Do you want your team to perform better? Then pay attention to your voice. As we move further into the digital age, many people rely more and more on the efficiency of asynchronous communication (email, text,…

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I Did Not Think The Policy Was a Commitment

Have you experienced a team member or manager that violated a policy? And when you confronted them they said, “I did not think a policy was a commitment.” I encountered this question in the new book by Fred Kofman Ph.D. The Meaning Revolution. In Fred’s story the executive shared that…

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Which Carries More Meaning: Words – Tone – Visual

7 – 38 – 55 Since Albert Mehrabian’ s research in 1967 this ratio has been the go to for speakers, trainers and others to reinforce how important aspects other than words are, in communication. Mehrabian’ s research has been interpreted to demonstrate that only 7% of a message is…

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Do You Even Care?

I mean do you care about your customer. I know many of you are all nodding your head vigorously. (I know I am). The question then is…do you show it? If so how?

Four months ago I started seeing a new Chiropractor. I like his work but what struck me last week was that I have not heard from my previous Dr. I was a twice a month client/patient. So now he is
out four months of revenue and he has no idea why? He may not even know I am gone.

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What Does Customer Service Mean; Really?

I have seen a couple of very interesting posts this week that struck me in the way that the companies went out of their way to make things right for their clients. These kinds of heroic tales always
inspire me. And yet there is the other side that says that customers don’t need heroics they really are quite satisfied with capable and competent service. So which is it? Let me quote my friend
Linda Farrar, “it depends.”

The first article I read was in Bloomberg Business Week, …

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