Are You Motivated or Disciplined: Which Will Deliver Results?

I was thinking about this recently and realized there is a distinction between Motivation and Discipline. Merriam Webster defines motivation as the condition of being motivated (a desire to act). They define Discipline as a rule or system of rules governing conduct or activity. I have observed in myself the…

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Stop Wasting Your Time on Skills, Look to Beliefs for Success.

Before you decide that they don’t know what to do, it may be helpful to inquire into what they think they need to be successful. It could be that they are stuck with a new challenge with a customer. Or they are having personal issues that are distracting, or perhaps they have heard rumors about themselves or the company that are distracting them.  By taking the time to understand where they are coming from, and then addressing the issue, they may get better results.

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Mindfull Selling

Far too often as sales people we are so focused on getting the deal or communicating our message that we don’t hear the comment that sold the
deal. Then we talk ourselves out of it.

Typically what has happened is even though we put on our consultative selling skills and asked questions and “listened”, we allowed our thinking to get high-jacked. We heard something and while the
buyer was talking we allowed our thinking to chase down a …

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It Really Isn’t About You

You submitted your RFP Proposal and they’ve called for a demonstration. So you pull out all the stops. You are prepared to tell them all about your firm how you’ve
been in business forever, how you represent X% of the industry and all the awards you’ve achieved. If you do this you’ve lost the deal.

Remember the selection process is not about you. It is about the buyer.

What are the issues they are …

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