Stop Struggling in Your Business a Little Innovation Will Help You to Thrive


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All too often I see clients getting caught in the “We’ve always done it this way” mentality. Their ego gets attached to the way it has always been done and then along comes a category killer.

Netflix didn’t kill Blockbuster.
Inflated, inflexible and unnecessary late fees did.

Amazon didn’t kill retail.
High rent, poor customer service, lack of selection and long lines did.

As you look at your business, where are you failing to innovate and stand out from the crowd? It does not have to be crazy expensive or creative. I know one auto mechanic that put his workshop in his van. He does limited kinds of work, but he comes to your location to deliver the service. He is not selling auto repair. He is selling convenience and he is getting a premium for it.
In the world of payroll and payroll processing I know another firm that is going above and beyond the processing and compliance manuals. They sit down with their clients and help them plan for the upcoming talent needs and how to manage growth and succession. Again, not crazy expensive or super imaginative. But they innovated and are creating more value for their clients.
What can you do to create value for your clients? Can you provide:

– Convenience?
– Security?
– Education?
– Community?

If you don’t innovate and or find a way to stand out from the crowd, how will your customers notice you in all the noise of the marketplace.
If you want to explore ways to stand out and dominate your market, lets schedule a conversation.

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