I wanted to commend John on the work he did with us on our sales leadership program.  I strongly feel that we are on a path to more profitable growth and we are coming upon our 3rd straight month of hitting our budget goals after not hitting them for the first 4 months of the calendar year. ~ North American Sales Manager


John did a great job of meeting and exceeding our expectations in the 2 days we worked together. I trust that my Sales Team will utilize the information from this and make those ‘2mm’ shifts each day. ~ HR Director Sports and Fitness Industry


John easily commands the room and  – “he’s very knowledgeable”, “he knows how to keep our attention”, “he used our names!”, “he really flowed nicely through the material.” and my favorite –  “He keeps it focused and friendly!” ~ Training Manager for an International Training firm.


I honestly went in with modest expectations simply because I have tried many of these before and find about 40% of the material to be applicable in my day to day. John did an excellent job, the material was spot on and arms me with what I need to do my job better. ~ Team Lead from a Technology firm


I hope our paths cross again. You were very helpful to us. ~  Regional Sales Director, International Technology firm



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