I wanted to commend John on the work he did with us on our sales leadership program.  I strongly feel that we are on a path to more profitable growth and we are coming upon our 3rd straight month of hitting our budget goals after not hitting them for the first 4 months of the calendar year. ~ North American Sales Manager

Great Storyteller. Great use of examples to reinforce his points. Jenn Salvatore

Packed with Helpful tips & practical examples. Engaging and Educational – Debi Chernak HR Certification Prep Pros

His delivery was very engaging and insightful & especially as the last presenter of the day – Sara Howard

Easy to listen to and very engaging – Tasha – Practice Manager

Loved his Enthusiasm – Ebony – Practice Manager

He used realistic examples – Sarah – Regional Manager

John did a great job of meeting and exceeding our expectations in the 2 days we worked together. I trust that my Sales Team will utilize the information from this and make those ‘2mm’ shifts each day. ~ HR Director Sports and Fitness Industry

John lead our team through a series of exercises that will allow us to connect with more accounts in a more engaging manner. His webinar was engaging, insightful and targeted to our requests. Great content, professionally presented. – National Sales Manager Education Company

John easily commands the room and  – “he’s very knowledgeable”, “he knows how to keep our attention”, “he used our names!”, “he really flowed nicely through the material.” and my favorite –  “He keeps it focused and friendly!” ~ Training Manager for an International Training firm.

John has a kind, yet direct, way to helping drill down into what I need to focus on to be successful. His questions during a coaching session are thought-provoking and insightful. I appreciate how he helps me to prioritize my strategies and goals for my business and how he inspires me to honor and value what I have to offer others. I highly recommend John as a coach. – Social Media Consultant

…using client knowledge and expertise, collaborates with them to develop action plans that lead to establishing and achieving goals for success. John has a skill that helps to identify what is in our heads and, using our inner knowledge and strength, helps us develop work plans that can be measured and adjusted as needed to gain positive results. – College Professor

I honestly went in with modest expectations simply because I have tried many of these before and find about 40% of the material to be applicable in my day-to-day. John did an excellent job, the material was spot on and arms me with what I need to do my job better. ~ Team Lead from a Technology firm

His work with me demonstrated his flexibility and insight, his earnest caring, and his sincere interest in assisting me with a fair and honest assessment of my future directions… I would recommend working with John – Spiritual Director

I hope our paths cross again. You were very helpful to us. ~  Regional Sales Director, International Technology firm



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