Principle or Process Which is Most Important

Chris Banzet posted a question recently on a LinkedIn Group, BASICS Sales that asked “Principle or Process which timeless”. If you are like me you’ve answered the question. 

I answered Principle. As I believe processes change. I have learned –Xerox Selling, Solution Selling, Wilson Counselor Selling, Miller Heinman and others. And each of these processes has delivered valuable tools to move the sale forward. But in my mind principle is timeless because while processes change the principle of serving your customer (Or whatever principle you adhere to) trumps process.

At work we are taught any number of processes and because these are easy to measure this is what gets measured. When measuring a process we can easily see if we have followed the sequence of events to produce our outcome.

What about principle? Defined as a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as a foundation for a system of beliefs or behaviors… I would argue that principles are foremost, and we each have our own.

–    “Whatever it takes”
–    “Winners make the rules”
–    Service to Humanity is mans greatest work in life”
–    “Integrity – My thoughts, words and deeds are in alignment”

Regardless of the process we follow our principle will guide us because they ultimately guide our behavior.

Intentions Matter

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