People can feel what you are thinking

I was speaking with someone recently about communications and formulas for communication. (Look up messaging on the web and you will find countless conversation/selling “formulas”).  In the course of the conversation we agreed that people will “feel” it when we are following a formula or script.

Think of your own experience when people call you or connect with you and the deliver a scripted message. How does that feel? Does it resonate with you and call you to action? Probably not. This is NOT to say that the way we communicate does not matter.

What I am saying is that when we have an opportunity to communicate with someone and to influence them, we want to connect to the essence of the message and we want to communicate from our heart. Yes even in business we want to communicate from our heart.

Research from Heart Math demonstrates that when we are communicating with another the electro-magnetic waves our hearts interact with each other and in fact can entrain. What this means is that when I am sending you a message, I can dress it up in great words and flourishing language BUT what’s on my heart will also be a part of the communication. That is why it so important to believe in what we are doing and saying. If we don’t how can they?

Now here is what I have observed in my own experience. When I am running fast and moving from meeting to meeting and call to call – I often will carry that emotional state with me. And if I don’t take a moment to settle in and get clear on the purpose of this conversation I can negatively affect this conversation because I will not be bringing my whole heart to it.

As you move through your day communicating for influence take the time to get centered, to get clear on your intentions and to be clear in your heart. You will be amazed at the results you achieve.

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  1. Great post John! It’s one of those practices that I can always use a reminder and encouragement on. Thank you!

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