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A few weeks back I had a post on the idea of the Value Proposition. A friend suggested that this was a richer vein than a single post. So, I got to thinking; besides the problem you solve, the expertise or technology (secret sauce) that you bring to the equation and the value, which the buyer feels, as that problem is solved; what else goes into the Value Proposition?

Lately for me it has been the how of the delivery. How do I deliver that value? Is it with joy in my heart or am I feeling bothered or overwhelmed.  In a competitive market place, what is the value being delivered?  Many suppliers sell similar products or services, for  example; call center support. In some cases, this is delivered offshore and in others from across town. If we break the service into its component parts, it consists of:

–    Speed of calls answered
–    Number of calls abandoned
–    Average call time
–    Errors per 1,000 calls
–    And so on

So if all of the competitors deliver essentially the same thing, and at reasonably the same cost, how do we determine value?

Perhaps it is through some softer metrics. Maybe it is, how do I feel about the management team that will be running my call center? Do they listen to me? Or, do they know all there is to know about delivery of the service? Perhaps it’s their reputation. What do their ex – clients say about them.

I am convinced that our buyers and customers have a good sense of what we feel about them. If we see them as just another buyer and that we know what’s best for them (regardless of what they think), they will react accordingly. People want to feel listened to and valued. In this case, they want you to treat their customers as special as they do. Even if you know that at the end of the day, it’s all about switches, IVRs and staffing to deliver metrics. They want to know you care about their customers the way they do.

How do we do this (even if we do know better)?

–    Listen deeply – When people feel listened to, they will reciprocate and listen to you as you present alternative points of view.
–    Get feedback – to make sure you understand what they are saying. “Did I understand you to say…?” “What I think you mean is…?”
–    Tell Stories – About other clients that felt the way this one does and what they found.

Remember the delivering good service is the minimum requirement now. Assume all of your competitors are. One way to differentiate our offering and our value is how we make our buyers feel.

I want to say to you how grateful I am that you chose to read my work.

Take good care

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