Mindfull Selling

Far too often as sales people we are so focused on getting the deal or communicating our message that we don’t hear the comment that sold the deal. Then we talk ourselves out of it.

Typically what has happened is even though we put on our consultative selling skills and asked questions and “listened”, we allowed our thinking to get high-jacked. We heard something and while the buyer was talking we allowed our thinking to chase down a thread of thought. Perhaps we heard the buyer start talking about the challenges she is facing that our product can’t help. So we checked out.

Meanwhile 60 seconds later, she mentions that her existing firm has just told her they are converting the manufacturing line. If you had been listening, what questions could you have asked; that might have opened an opportunity based on that experience?

Instead of allowing ourselves to be distracted we can listen mindfully. We can recognize when we are distracted and let the distracting thought go.  Then come back to our meeting with the buyer.

Want to stand out with your buyer? Want to be different from the other guy? Be fully present when you are with your buyer, listen mindfully, ask good questions and allow them to discover your solution.

You will be pleasantly surprised.

PS Do not interpret this to say don’t be selling, I like the phrase “lets facilitate their buying.”

Take Good Care

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