Meet Your Dragon and Dance Part 2

We spoke last about the lizard brain (I am calling it the Dragon because after all what is a dragon but a big lizard) and how it can hijack our feelings, impact our health and divert our success. Let’s talk now about some ways to tame the Dragon. (I don’t want to slay it- it serves a role)

One of the first steps is self-awareness. That is being aware when the Dragon is awakened. We can notice what happens when we are triggered. For me my ears get red, I feel a flush and it’s like something wells up inside. My heart beats a little faster and I realize I am not longer present but am planning my response (will I fight or will I run?) At this point I can also ask myself is the threat real or is it just perceived?

  1. Once I notice that the Dragon is awake I can name it and say to myself, “Ahh the Dragon is awake, I’ve been triggered.” You would be surprised at how effective naming it is and in calming it down.

  2. I have often counted to ten (or 20) in an attempt to calm down. It is a way to move us out of the agitated state. Often by just taking a couple of deep breaths and counting we release tension and we start changing our chemistry to calm things down.

  3. Regular Meditation also helps. The effects of meditation are well documented. Here it represents training of your mind to recognize when it is pulled off-balance and to “observe” when you are triggered so that you can make a more measured response than the automatic one.

  4. Finally my friend and Inspirational Life Coach and Author, Tom LaRotonda says, “Learn to get comfortable being uncomfortable. When we get used to being uncomfortable in those situations that may be a “stressful stretch”, we can recognize that it is just discomfort and not a threat on our lives.

Taking the time to recognize and dance with your Dragon can mean the difference between a conversation gone well or…


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