Is your attorney client privilege really confidential

I love my mobile device. It helps me stay connected, it gives me a chance to keep up on emails and it is convenient. It is also dangerous. We can become complacent with them and reveal information we don’t want to.

I am sitting in the Des Moines airport waiting for my flight when a young attorney sits down and fires up his phone. He is calling back to the attorney of his client. There are about 45 people nearby.

This young man is dropping names as well as details on some of the deal sticking points and he has a voice that carries.

There is no way he knows who else is in the waiting area and he telling his colleague how big the carve-out is ($500,000) and why the other side’s attorney (Naming names) is no longer relevant. I considered asking him the name of his firms so I would never hire them but thought better of it.

Have you ever called back to the home office to share the news about a deal or to discuss a problem? Have you ever said something in public over a mobile device that should have been more private?

Something to think on.

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