Is This How You Earn Trust?

Recently my mother in law accepted an update from a software company who will remain unnamed. But they link their name to a cup of Joe. Wink..Wink.

As a result of this update she had also taken on a new task bar that she was unfamiliar with and that she did not want.  You see this software company whose name rhymes with lava had already checked the “opt in” box so that my mother in law would have to “opt out” versus “opt in” to receive the tool bar.

This software company is already under attack because they have a big gapping whole that can be exploited by hackers. It is so bad that the community is telling people not to install the software and in fact to uninstall it. And then they want to “trick” you into accepting a partner’s add-on? They probably get paid a little for the add-on’s that are installed regardless of how many are uninstalled.

I can tell you that both firms have left a sour taste in my family’s experience and we are talking about it. If I were this original software firm I might re-consider how I go to market with my partners. I have uninstalled the programs from all of our computers and they run just fine. I can tell you I will not be keen to accept their software going forward and I suggest you be aware also.


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