If you don’t feel like it now, when will you?

I don’t feel like it

It is that time of year and everyone is making Resolutions. The gym will be crazy busy for about six weeks and then only the gym rats will remain. A study at the University of Bristol says 88% of the resolutions made fail. WHY?

My own observation is that people create a bunch of resolutions they feel they SHOULD make. (And let’s be honest we all have something we could improve upon). That said they get started on their resolutions. Then they stop. It’s as Tony Robbins says, they did something, so they feel the need is met. In other cases they work at it as long as they feel like it and as soon as it is uncomfortable or they’ve had a bad day, they go back to their old behaviors.

Reverend David Bruner said something a while back that stuck with me. It was, “I have never known anyone to lose weight and get fit going to the gym when they feel like it.” I think he got it right.

If I look back to my own life I was the 90 lbs weakling. And then I discovered TaeKwonDo. And to be honest I played at it for a few years until I met Master Ron Harris.  

In 1988 I earned by First Dan in TaeKwoDo in Denver Colorado from Master Sean Cavins. Only about 3% of students will achieve this rank. Most arrive at this rank with a bone or two that have been broken, they’ve lost blood on the DoJang floor and they have become good friends with Ben-Gay. They did not get there by training only when they felt like it.

Master Harris made me do knuckle pushups on a hard wood floor. Sweaty knuckles will slip on a hard wood floor. I can tell you I did not feel like doing them the next night. And yet I did. Something happens when we persevere through that, “I don’t feel like it”, stage. All of a sudden we become:

–    A Martial Artist
–    A Professional sales person
–    A Successful business owner
–    A Writer
–    A College graduate
–    A fit healthy human

As you examine your resolutions and goals this year take a deeper look. It’s not just setting the goal; it’s not just getting started. It is also working at it when you don’t feel like it.

Happy New Year!

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