If We Both Win It’s Not Selling!??

I came across this Dilbert comic strip the other day. I had to laugh out loud and then cry, because it represents the views of many sales professionals. In the strip the sales executive says, “If we both win, it’s not selling.”

I strongly disagree. You have heard me say this before in other ways but look at how many sales executives talk; “I eat what I kill,” “I am a hunter,”“we have to be aggressive.” All of that language has a Win/Lose mindset behind it.

A good sales professional in my mind, goes into the world approaching buyers with value. Engaging those whose attention he or she can capture and then helping them discover their needs, and then how their solution fits.  I don’t believe we have to trick them into buying.  My job and yours as good sales professional is to communicate clearly the value of your product or service and demonstrate how it meets your buyer’s needs. Remember communication is two ways it’s listening as well as presenting.

It has been my experience that when I approach the sale with the idea that I am not so much focused on winning but upon identifying and delivering real value,my success rate goes up.

I believe we both win in a good sales transaction.

Take Good Care

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