He Got it…(or did he)?

I had coffee with Bob (not his real name) last week. He and I went to college together and over the last decades he has been unhappy with every job he has had; regardless of the position or the company. This time I asked:

“Has there been anything common to all of those jobs?”

Three weeks later I get a voice mail. “John, I want to talk to you. You said something that made a big difference to me. I get it.” Wow that sounds great so I called back.

“John, remember that question you asked me about what was common?” “Yes”. “Well it is that I am always working for a division that the company no longer wants to support so there is no marketing budget so there is nothing I can do to be successful.”

I was hoping he would have said, “I (Bob) am what is common to all of these jobs.” By getting clear on me and what I want and what I can bring to the table I can become happier in my job.” All too often I see people upset with life and what life is bringing them but they do not realize what they are bringing to life.

It was said by the Buddha, It was said by Christ, I am betting you can find it in all of the ancient wisdom texts. Earl Nightingale said it perhaps best; “The greatest secret is that we become what we think about most.”

This is not always easy. I know. It is easy to blame the boss, the economy, etc. But deep down I know at the end of the day I am responsible for the results that I get in life. And if I don’t like those results I can change them, by changing the way I think and what I focus upon.

Our brains have a Reticular Activating System (RAS) that operates like a missile guidance system. It will take our dominant thoughts and help us to recognize opportunities that line up with those thoughts.

What thoughts are occupying your mind today?

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