Goodwill to Work

I just returned from conducting Mock Interviews with Good Will to Work . It is a program to help High School kids prepare for the work force. What a great experience on so many levels.

First there were at least a dozen volunteers to conduct the interviews. These are people that gave up “money time” to help a bunch of kids. These were small business owners, Entrepreneurs, HR professionals and young professionals. I am encouraged by their willingness to plant seeds for tomorrow.

Second, I met a young entrepreneur with the coolest product. They teach Work Ethic and Certify  an embrace of Work Ethic through an online course. As a more experienced business leader I cannot count the number of times I have heard someone say, “These kids have no work ethic”.  The A Game teaches people, skills that lead to work ethic. Things I am not sure we can measure like:  

Attitude                         Attendance                                 Appearance
Ambition                      Accountability                             Acceptance

And yet they have results from clients that demonstrate a marked improvement in satisfaction in workers after they go through this course.

Finally the kids; they were between 14 and 21 years old. They had been in the Goodwill to Work program for just four days. For many this was their first attempt at anything like an interview. They had been coached well though.

Friends there is hope I found these kids and young adults to be articulate (some more than others), ambitious, eager, enthusiastic and willing to work. That was a common theme from them all; they were eager and willing to work.

I share this with you because I have been involved in several conversations and discussions about how can business leaders find workers willing to work, that can communicate and that are willing to solve problems?

 Let me suggest a place, Goodwill to Work

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  1. What an inspiring day that must have been. Many people overlook the fact that some of the core values of the current Gen Y are actually similar to those of the Baby Boomers. They are sometimes expressed in different ways, but like the Boomers, Gen Y does want success, excellence, achievement, and even to give back to their community.

    There is hope for our future, and our kids are that hope.

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