Good Good Good Good Vibrations…

I was catching up on my reading recently and came across an interview with Pedro Baranda, the president of Otis Elevators. It was in the NY Times July/4/2013 (When I say catching up I am serious:-D).

The question that caught my eye was, “What do you look for in an employee?” His response was, “Do they smile, do you get a positive feeling from them or do you feel an energy drain?” He could have said, “Do I get a good vibe!” Talk about a squishy metric. I got to thinking. And just yesterday a friend of mine was commenting on a trip he made to Costco last week. He encountered two workers who were in Greg’s words, “Busier than a one armed paper hanger in a storm.” But they took the time to smile, connect and say hello. And here Greg is a week later still talking about Costco and how that made him feel.

What you do is important, (Others can copy that). How you do it, how you deliver it, how you make people feel…that’s where the magic happens.

Are your customers getting a good vibe? 😀

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