Does It Have To Be Measured?

Late last year I finished the book, “The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working,” by Tony Schwartz. In it he refers back to the age of “Enlightenment” and how scientific thought rose to prominence. We developed a mind-set that said if we can’t measure “it”, then “it” doesn’t exist.

Is that true? Can we measure Truth? Can we measure Love; what about loyalty or intentions? Do these not exist? Do they not make a difference?

I remember many years ago driving from Dallas, Texas to Amarillo and listening to Earl Nightingale’s series “Lead the Field”. In it he was describing the irony that mankind thinks that things that we buy are the most valuable because we pay for them; while the things with which we are naturally endowed are given the short shrift. Characteristics like Imagination, Persistence, Intentions, and Ingenuity and so on.

As you reflect on your business today and the number of calls you made, or the dollars you collected or units that you sold, also reflect upon your use of your natural and immeasurable gifts. Take the time to nurture your imagination, your persistence and your love. It will make a measurable difference.

Take Good Care


  1. Hi John,

    I’m a big believer in measuring things in business. But I’m a big believer that life is to be experienced not measured.

    But I will say this; I’ve done a lot of work around measurements in business and the biggest problems that I’ve seen are that we measure what is easy, not important. Operational metrics in a business are critical, but only if they measure the right things.

  2. Dave,

    Your point is well taken. And yet it is hard to measure persistence, creativity, ingenuity and some of the other traits that lead to success. perhaps it’s like Lencioni says, “measuring number of smiles to measure appropriate attitude”? I believe that it is the things that are hard to measure; that are Immeasurable if you will that lead to big differences in ouroutcomes.

    Not to say we shouldn’t try to measure the important things.

    Take Good Care,

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