Do You Want To Be More Powerful and Influential? Use your Voice.

Have you ever been in a presentation where a colleague or perhaps a salesperson is presenting a project and the benefits? The data is compelling, but you find yourself feeling put off. It could be because of their delivery skills.

The way we communicate has more impact than what we communicate. There we a study done of popular TED Talks. One of the key findings was that those that had more vocal variety were more popular.

What does that mean? It means that if you want more influence you have to think of how to leverage the how of your delivery in addition to the what of your delivery. Here are three ideas:

To increase curiosity and have them lean in, lower your voice. Kemp was a sales manager out of Chicago. When he came to town, he frustrated all of us because we had to lean in to hear him. And then it dawned on me, he was doing it on purpose. When the people you are trying to influence lean in with their body, they are also leaning in with their attention. It takes practice not to be too soft. You do want them to hear you after all.

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To increase the gravitas or impact of your message use the pause… When you pause after delivering a key point, people have a chance to process the information. And if it is provocative your silence conveys confidence. All to often people will say something provocative and then they will rush in to defend or justify the point. Just let it sit there. Count to two.

To create enthusiasm or excitement raise the volume. As we get excited and enthusiastic about a point or a benefit, allow your voice to reflect your excitement. Those people that tell you to be calm, professional and unemotional… that is a great way to disconnect from the people you want to influence. We are emotional beings. When we raise our voice, it commands attention. And by raising our voice, I do not mean yelling.  It is just a change in volume.

If you would like to create a more positive influence and impact in the world, or you want your teams to, let’s schedule a consultation.

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