Did the Supreme Court make lying constitutional?

I was listening to Daniel Pink’s Podcast recently on the road and he mentioned the recent Supreme Court Ruling that over turned the Stolen Valor Act.   Link Here

Essentially the Supreme Court ruled that as long as no one is harmed by the lie you can claim free speech….Who determines who is harmed? Is it like the Judge who knew pornography when he saw it? What is the difference between claiming that I have a degree that I don’t vs. claiming a medal? So if I lie and get a job based on a false degree that is just free speech? If I lie on a loan application about my income no harm no foul it’s just free speech?

In the case of the medal what if based on subliminal emotions (we all have them) I hire you because you resent yourself as a hero and then you suck at your job? Am I harmed now? Is that still free speech?

The Court has made some rulings over the last few years that make me wonder what they are smoking.

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