Communication your Super Power Part 2

In part one of this post, I shared that communication is your super power and that there are ways to determine if your super power is working. In part 2 I want to share how you can develop and strengthen this super power. It is different from other super powers in that it is not innate. Sure we all communicate but many people communicate in ways that are less than effective. It takes skills and intention to turn your ability to communicate into a super power.

I told you last week that good communicators can move mountains. Think about Mount Rushmore; a national monument in South Dakota. Initially the project was seen as a way to promote tourism to South Dakota. Originally conceived in 1923 it took 18 years to complete. In that time the sponsor of the idea had to 1) secure funding, 2) find an artist to design and execute, 3) recruit and direct workers and keep the vision alive as others tried to add different figures and or change the project in various ways.

Take a look at that, in each step there was super communication going on. Convincing people, that this seemingly desolate landscape could become a tourist destination, had to take vision and a way to convey that vision. That vision had to align with the values of others. In this case the federal and state government in an attempt to get funding.

Our legislators were looking for a way to bolster national pride and hope at the time and felt that this goal aligned with a monument memorializing four of our greatest presidents.

Selecting an artist to design and execute the construction required the ability to identify the best candidate. This was done through interviews, mockups, and renderings. In other words it took good questions and feedback to ensure that the artist and the sponsors were aligned.

Then directing over 400 workers in the course of 18 years to chisel, blast and carve out these huge figures required the ability to communicate the vision and direct activities down to the task level. In other words as a leader he had to know the outcome he was seeking and he had to communicate that in a way that allowed the workers to execute upon the plan.

When you take the time and invest the intention to communicate in ways that will connect, and align with people you can accomplish remarkable things. What monument are you building?

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