Communicate With People Not At Them

Talk with people not at them

Are you stuck? Are people not engaging or acting in ways you expect? Try connecting with them versus talking at them.

The way we communicate has such a powerful impact on the outcomes we experience for ourselves and through others. So let’s leverage that knowledge.

We are social creatures and we are biologically wired to react to social cues. So when you meet someone, SMILE. Yes a smile is communication. In fact seeing someone smile is almost nine times as powerful as having someone say they like you. The visual of your smile triggers mirror neurons that create the feeling of a smile in them. Now you are in friendly rapport.7K0A0501

When you are trying to persuade of influence listen first. When we listen we are demonstrating empathy. This also triggers the mirror neurons. And as we are now in the prefrontal cortex we are primed to collaborate. And isn’t collaboration an easier way to connect and persuade than convincing someone?

Demonstrate genuine concern for others. Harvard Business Review reports that leaders that demonstrate warmth over strength helps to create trust and trust leads to all sorts of economic gains.

We live and work in an interdependent world where most of the work we do is done through or for others. We need others to succeed. Why not learn how to connect.

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